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Who doesn’t like improving a PB?!

When I’m not looking for a new species, I’m pursuing for a new PB.

Here is a list of my current PB’s on Artlure, definitely still a lot of work to be done!

New PB Canary Kurper taken on a 3 cm Salmo Hornet at Mokolo Dam – 460g

New SA PB Largemouth Bass taken on a 2 cm Salmo Hornet whilst fishing for yellowfish at Taung Dam – one hell of a surprize as well as a nail-biting fight on the light tackle I was using for yellows – 3.91kg





New PB Smallmouth Bass caught at the Kouga Dam on a 7 cm Salmo Minnow SDR in GT colour while spinning against the rocks – 1.63kg (taken by Go Pro – therefore looks HUGE lol)


New PB (within SA) Largemouth Bass caught at Loskop Dam on a DD22 during pre-spawn, lekker surprise! – 3.56kg








New PB Largemouth Bass caught at Letsibogo Dam in Botswana on a Sebile Flatt Shad 77 SK Gold Shiner – 4.06kg







Sharptooth Catfish caught at Vanderkloof Dam on the Calling technique – 18.68kg


Carp caught on dipping on sight at Roodekopjes Dam – 10.24kg


Largemouth Yellowfish caught via blind casting at Vanderkloof Dam (abnormally fat bulky specimen) – 7.5kg









Smallmouth Yellowfish caught via drifting a lipless crank at the Vaal River (De Hoek) – 3.24kg









Smallscale Yellowfish caught via blind casting on a very slow retrieve at the Crocodile River (Nelspruit) – 2.88kg


Largescale Yellowfish caught on trolling a 5 cm crank at the Olifants River (close to Loskop Dam) – 2kg (sorry guys this was before I was informed that lip grips on yellowfish are a bad idea)

Olifantsrivier November 2010 004








Natal Yellowfish (Scaly) caught on a spinner at Albert Falls Dam during a Junior Trials – 0.995kg











Papermouth caught on a slow retrieve with a small crankbait at Rust de Winter Dam – 0.395kg

10688099_10202922892735732_6848959765944558113_o (2)








Blue Kurper (Mozambique Tilapia) caught on casting on sight with a small grub at Vaalkop (no photo as it was many years ago) – 2kg

Redbreast Kurper (Redbreast Tilapia) caught on a spinner at Loskop Dam – 0.810kg


Canary Kurper caught at Vaalkop on a small grub – 0.250kg









Vlei Kurper caught on sight with a small grub (my very first catch and a very old photo) – 0.240kg

1293010_10200513795149798_737233027_o (1)










Old PB: Largemouth Bass caught during a International at Maguga Dam in Swaziland – 3.2kg








Smallmouth Bass caught at Loskop Dam while spinning for Redbreast Kurper – 1.030kg











Makriel (Silver Catfish) caught on casting with a lipless crank next to trees at Vaalkop Dam – 0.950kg (no pic, way back when)

Rainbow Trout caught in the Midlands on a spoon – estimate 2.25kg











Orange River Mudfish on fly, one of few I have caught in the mouth – 2kg









Rednose Mudfish caught at Loskop on a spinner (in the mouth, very lucky catch!) – 1.6kg

Rooineusmuddy - Copy





Humpback Largemouth caught at Katima in the Zambezi on a spinner – 3kg

Zambezi rivier 2009 052

African Pike caught on a small crankbait at the Kafue River – 0.600kg

zambia des 2011 (672)








Purpleface Largemouth caught on a spinner at the Kafue River – 1.3kg

zambia des 2011 (188)

Nembwe caught on a spinner at the Kafue River – 1.3kg

zambia des 2011 (417)








Tigerfish caught on sight on a crankbait at Katima – 5.7kg (before I knew had much damage holding them in the gills causes)

Zambezi rivier 2009 071














Brownspot Largemouth caught on a crank at the Kafue River (not weighed)


Pike which would have been my PB, but I had no scale to weigh it









Greenhead Tilapia caught at Sand River Dam, didn’t get the weight unfortunately









Thinface Largemouth caught at the Kafue, no weight









Witvis caught at Kwaggaskloof, didn’t weigh it (lot’s of room to improve on)








Unweighed, estimate about 3.5kg Smallmouth yellowfiish caught in the Vaal – what a fight!











Previous Sharptooth Catfish PB caught at Barberspan on the calling method with a fast sinking Lume Lures Madpumkin (Large size in Vlei Kurper colour) – 20kg (estimate)






















New PB Smallmouth Yellowfish caught at the Vaal River (De Hoek) on a Sensation Minitrap via the drifting method, one of the best catches and best fights of my life! – 4.18kg


Current PB Sharptooth Catfish caught on casting with a Lume Lures Slow Sinking Madpumkin (Carp) on sight! Fish missed my lure about 8 times and gave an awesome fight! – 21.1kg












PB Tank Goby 0.210kg Levubu River on a nr 5 DAM Effzett spinner while spinning for tigerfish


8 thoughts on “Personal Bests

  1. Rikus van Zyl

    Jy het al ‘n paar spesies op jou kerfstok. Ons sal moet laat waai, anders gaan ons uitmis.

    Like jou website

    Stywe Lyne

    1. Rudolph

      Dankie man, het dit nou weer so bietjie opdateer. Eendag sal ek nie meer hier wees nie, maar hierdie webtuiste sal altyd hier bly en hopelik kan mense nog van dit iets leer

      1. Louis

        Rudolf dankie vir die site ek lees nou deur en leer so baie by jou niks wat

        ondervinding kan wen nie baie kennis wat jy hier uit deel

  2. Hennie

    Hi Rudolph

    Wat bedoel jy met die “drifting method”? Ek weet die Sensation Minitrap is ‘n lipless crank bait maar verstaan nie hoe dit gedoen word nie.


    1. Rudolph

      Hi Hennie, dis byna dieselfde as wat die manne in die Vaal doen met vlieghengel. Jy gooi jou lure stroom op, maak jou lyn styf en hou dan net kontak met die lure soos dit stroom af vloei. Geelvis vat dit dan soos dit in die stroom af vloei en vibreer.

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