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Hi guys, welcome to my blog.

I’m an avid lure angler and passionate about growing the sport of lure fishing (politically correct term is artlure fishing – using only artificial lures to catch anything with fins). When I’m not on the water wetting a line I sure as hell am thinking about it. I use to work at Stywe Lyne / Tight Lines magazine as their Marketing Manager and currently work for Salmo Lures Southern Africa (love my job!).

The purpose of this blog is to share my adventures with whoever is interested, give away some valuable insights about angling and hopefully see more and more of you guys getting into the sport of lure fishing. This blog also serves as a log book of my life list, places I have fished and  personal best catches.

I love mixing it up a little, catching a variety of species of all shapes and sizes on a variety of methods. I also try my hand at fly fishing every now and then (often referred to as doing a “fly-by”). To date I have caught 68 freshwater species on lure and at night I dream of all the species I still need to tick of my list. Being a passionate angler I have PB’s (personal bests) for most species and every now and then I try to break these PB’s which proves to be a thrilling challenge.

The reason I love fishing is because it allows me to experience nature in its purest form. I have seen many amazing stuff while on the water and have had my fair share of blood-pumping experiences. When I look at a piece of water, be it a lake, dam or river, I always wonder what lies beneath its blue coat and what opportunities awaits the angler willing to take a cast.

I started fishing competitively at age 7 and love the adrenaline rush of competing against others to see who can master the challenge a piece of water offers on every single day. I have the privilege of representing South Africa during a few International comps as a Junior, but studies forced me to take a break from competitive angling. After finishing my BCom Tourism Management Degree at Tuks (Tuks of Niks!), I continued to do my Honours in Marketing Management which is where I discovered my passion for marketing.

I have the privilege of fishing all over South Africa at venues in each of the nine provinces as well as being able to fish venues in Zambia, Namibia, Swaziland and Mozambique. There are still many destinations which I dream to fish in the near future and hopefully soon I will be able to share my adventures at these special places with you.

See you on the water.






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